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Amazing Interior Design


It is an undeniable fact that interior design is considered one of the key factors of successful coffee shop business.

However, it is not just about business. Some coffee shops feature all kinds of interesting interior designs to make your coffee time special!

Shall we take a look at some coffee shops all around the world that feature some special details of their interior design?


1. Don Café House – Curbed Wood Walls

The Don Cafe House in Pristina, Kosovo is a very beautiful space. Designed by Innarch, the interior features a unique visual concept. The curbed wood on the walls gives you the impression that you’re inside a huge coffee sack. The lighting fixtures are also very interesting, reminiscent of coffee beans.


2. Coffee Bar – Window Shutters and Old Doors

This coffee bar features an interior design which blends rustic and industrial elements beautifully. The space was customized using wood shutters and old doors which were used to cover the walls, floors, ceilings and even the bar. This creates an unusual but intriguing environment.{found on site}.


3. Origo Coffee Shop – Painted Beams and Chalkboard.

The Origo Coffee Shop is located in Bucharest, Romania and it was a project by Lama Arhitectura. Completed in 2013, the renovation of this space revealed a series of features such as the old wooden beams which were painted and incorporated into the new design. Black chalkboard paint was used on the walls, giving the space an informal and edgy look.Another feature we notice are the hanging coffee cups.


4.Vue de Monde – LED Wall Art.

Located in Melbourne’s business center, the Vue de Monde cafe impresses is visitors with LED art displayed on the walls. The charcoal shades used throughout are complemented by statement furniture and lighting fixtures. The neon artwork was a project by artist Joseph Kosuth.


5. D’Espresso – Library Feel.

D’Espresso is a tiny coffee bar in New York and it has a very fun interior design by Manhattan-based Nemaworkshop. It’s a coffee shop that looks like a library. But the concept is a little different here. The ceiling and floors are lined with books. Of course, it’s just an image printed on custom tiles. Another interesting detail is that the pendant lights don’t hang from the ceiling but are sticking out from the walls.


Apart from the 5 coffee shops introduced above,

there are more information and pictures of other coffee shops on “Coffee Shops Around The World And Their Eye-Catching Interior Design Details(Homedit)”. Click for more information!

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