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Coffee In A Goon Bag?
Great Cold Brew Invention!


In the most Australian take on coffee we’ve seen yet, Darlo Coffee Co. have combined coffee with the office water cooler, and a goon sack!

The coffee itself is made in Sydney, with “a slow and precise steeping process where freshly roasted coffee is brewed over 24 hours in cold water”.

Speaking to Buzzfeed News, cofounder Ben Salcinovic said, “Our cold brew has been years in the making, experimenting with different beans and different methods of roasting, playing with the steeping process, brewing time, and ratios.”

The first reason for the invention was to beat the café rush. “Cafes are popular and busy,” Ben told Broadsheet, “so we wanted to bring good coffee to Sydney offices.”

The second? It fills an absence in Australia’s culture. Speaking again to Buzzfeed, Ben said, “We haven’t come across it in Australia, which is weird because coffee and goon bags are such an awesome (and funny) part of our culture, we love them, they are close to our hearts. It also makes for the perfect cold brew packaging, easy access from the fridge.”

Cold brew goon bag coffee

60 servings worth of Darlo Coffee Co.’s “Cold Brew in a Box (2 pack)” would normally be available through their online store, but it’s currently sold out – the second time they have run out of stock within a week.

The low stock is said to be attributed to the need to make the coffee “super fresh” and the fact that “It tastes awesome”.

More stock will be available on Friday for $70. Until then, you’ll just have to imagine the taste of cold coffee in the workplace.

Source: “Coffee now comes in a goon bag as Australia’s greatest invention goes cold brew(Techly)”, written by Sasha Karen

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