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10 Best Coffee Places in Prague


Do you share the passion for getting know a new city whilst sitting on a bench, drinking a tasty local coffee and watching life around you? Do you like to seek a little coffee place where you can sit for a while, just to feel the atmosphere? There are hundreds places in Prague where you can buy a cup of coffee but how do you know which is the one for you? Here it comes! This is a list of 10 best coffee spots suggested and approved by our spotters. (The order is purely random.)

1. Kavárna Mlýnská

Kavárna Mlýnská (image by Tomáš Jungwirth)

Kavárna Mlýnská is situated inside what used to be a water-mill and the interior has remained pretty much the same. According to our spotter Tomáš, the atmosphere of the spot is truly charming; plus there is a pleasant backyard. The place is also visited by many interesting or famous Czech people; one of them is the artist David Černý or Karel Schwarzenberg, the former minister of foreign affairs and presidential candidate.

2. Kavárna pod lipami

Kavárna pod lipami (image by Anna Nižňanská)

According to our spotter Anna, there are lots of spots where you can get the best coffee, but in this cafe there is such a cozy atmosphere. Besides, they serve one of the most delicious carrot cakes in town. The staff is usually really nice and it’s kids- and dog- friendly here.

3. Café Neustand

(image by Martin Kozel)

This café place is located in an area of New Town City Hall (Novoměstská radnice). You can sit inside behind the glass windows or outside in the courtyard and listen to someone playing on a nearby standing piano. What our spotter Martin likes about this place are the concert evenings. Every now and non-mainstream bands play in the courtyard.

4. Kavárna V Sedmém nebi

image by Tomáš Jungwirth

Kavárna V Sedmém nebi is a very popular student café in Prague known for its practical location, great atmosphere, nice interior, wonderful coffee and wine. It is very cozy especially in the winter. Our spotter Tomáš explains that this place is worth the visit because it is a place to chill, work, eat and party.

5. Můj šálek kávy

image by Anna Nižňanská

Můj šálek kávy is located in one of the currently fastest developing districts in Prague called Karlín. It also means that there are a lot of new cool places in the area. Our spotter Anna also recommends you combine your visit with a hike to the nearby hill Vítkov, to the famous memorial and a beautiful view of Prague.

“At the bar works one of our best coffee baristas, so if I want to go safe and enjoy the best coffee, I head straight here!” – Anna Nižňanská

6. Original Coffee

image by Stepan Bärtl

Located just behind the Bethlehem Chapel, this place is neatly tucked away in a quiet street leading towards the river. Minimalistic design, Polaroid photos on the wall, and the fact that it hasn’t yet become a hipster mecca all guarantee a pretty nice time.

7. Coffee room

image by Anna Nižňanská

Coffee room is owned by a really nice young barista, who himself drew inspiration from coffee shops in London before opening his business and you can often meet him behind the bar. Our spotter Anna definitely appreciates that they serve coffee, not just from local roasters, but primarily from various foreign roasters such as: The Barn, Alchemy, Bonanza. From the interior and the overall atmosphere you can definitely sense a British cafe style.

8. La Bohéme café

image by Anna Nižňanská

Café La Bohéme is, according to our spotter Anna, the most outstanding one. In addition to the delicious coffee they serve, you will be impressed by the interior. Café La Bohéme also won the best interior award at the Czech Bar Awards this year. The incredibly accommodating baristas always come up with something new, such as special coffee drinks or some specials like Chilly-rum-hot chocolate in winter.

9. Kafé and kakao

image by Katerina Kaftanova

Kafé a kakao is a cozy, baby friendly (and of course non-smoking) café with a nice children’s corner with a variety of toys for different ages and they also have a special kids menu. As the name of the place indicates, as a drink you can order coffee (or tea) and cocoa. Our spotter Katerina recommends the cocoa with whipped cream. Besides that, they also have good homemade lemonades.

10. Dos Mondos

image by Martin Kozel

Our spotter Martin suggests you visit Dos Mondos, if you want to know what the aroma of freshly made coffee is. All you have to do is to check the time when the coffee will be roasted on their website and come here. If the time doesn’t suit you, come anyway, you can always sit here and enjoy coffee made in various ways or even participate in a coffee tasting or coffee workshops!


Source: “10 Best Coffee Plasces in Prague (from SpottedbyLocals)”

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