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[Seoul Int’l Cafe Show 2015] Product Review


We strolled down the halls of Seoul Int’l Cafe Show, inundated with people standing in lines of each booth to have a sip of some freshly brewed coffee. The smell of freshly roasted coffee, grinded and brewed with care, all came from each major players of this industry, from their new product lines designed to create a perfect cup of coffee.  Although we didn’t get a chance to directly use every one of the machine and devices they had, we were still able to communicate with the key manufacturers and hear some fascinating stories that lie behind these products. Just like a nomadic seeking for an oasis in the dessert, we decided to explore each and every one of them to pick out some great products to introduce to our subscribers. First, we visited the coffee & dessert section and then moved on to tea & raw material section. By doing this, we hoped to find some cutting edge products that represent the global trends of coffee market.



What we have noticed from the roasting machines displayed at Café Show is that almost all products were highly focused on ‘user convenience’. In contrast to the previous roasting method, we could tell that the manufacturers have put massive effort to lower the barriers of roasting to the users. Especially, they have tried to reduce the complication of dealing with dampers when users try to control fire. Besides, display system is attached to increase immediacy

IMG_6633-1024x683Agosto Agosto, a newly-launched roasting machine from Torister, already came into the spotlight due to its unique modern-like design. In comparison to most large commercial roasters that resemble a gigantic screw rotating inside a drum, this one applied some features that look like hexagon-shaped sliding doors. What’s interesting about this machine is the way how it uses a customized impeller to prevent the beans from piling up. The gas injector allows you spray the gas and control the exact amount of gas you are about to use. Digital controlling system enables you to control the gas pressure and rotation by 5% and the profiles can be saved automatically.


Trinitas T2 This roaster has a capacity to hold 2kg of beans. Just like Probat, this roaster does not maintain a damper, so the thermal unit does not change from the moment you start roasting the beans. This machine is designed perfectly for the convenience of roasters as it is consisted of all functions needed. So the stages leading up to the first crack is always consistent. Temperature balancing inside the drum minimizes the possibility of beans burning due to the metal fiber, which delivers enough convection heat to roast the beans.


Stronghold S9 The functions are similar to the previous S7 but its capacity is higher. Roast setting is available for 3-10 minutes, the churn and exhaust speed controlling is available. It is designed suitable for large roasting factories, 35kg of bean roasting is available. You can roast the beans up to 5 tons a month. This product is to planned to be launched next year in March. Also, the combustion evacuator is launched along with S9. Stronghold is also holding a promotion event, giving out an evacuator for those whose names are already on the purchase reservation list.



As the global market for home-brewing is expanding at a rapid pace, manufacturers are strategically displaying the fanciest machine they’ve got, so that the customers can take a closer look. It’s a shame that the next generational machines that we’ve already met at HOST Milan are not yet imported to South Korea. But we hope to meet their incredible machines at Café Show next year!


La marzocco Linea Mini I bet this machine caught the most attention at Café Show. The functions are no different from the previous Linea machine, but the size has reduced to fit in our homes. If GS3 is too costly for you, La marzocco Linea Mini might be a great choice for you. It comes in 6 different colors, so you can choose whatever color you like. The paddle wheel system makes this gorgeous machine more analogue and unique. You will be able to get the best home-brew using Linea Mini with LUX Mini, I think they are a great pair.


Elrocio Zarre Ver.2 Elrocio Zarre Ver.2 maintains the previous design of Ver.1, but has an ungraded internal system. Vibration from the motor is reduced; hot water directly flows from the steam boiler instead of hot-water boiler.

IMG_6433FEAMA E61 Limited Edition  The specifications are just the same as the previous E61 model. Yet it is a limited edition sold until the end of this year. The design is a little bit different from the previous one; It can be seen as a warming up activity for the launching of E71 next year.

IMG_9725Wega Concept EVD 3G This espresso machine uses low power, which is why it is named ‘eco-green line’. Each group head can control pressure. Steam pressure can be managed by 0.1 bar unit, which is easier for the barista to find the steam pressure that suits them.



As for the brewing tools, products conveyed more of their design along with functions. However, the stability of brewing is still in question.


New Wave Dripper This wave dripper seems to have become more simple than ever, by getting rid of all the design factors on the sides. The triangular wave zone on the bottom is eliminated to raise the height of the bottom. The manufacturers tried to pursue both stability and clarity of the taste of coffee. It comes in gold, silver and copper and each material shows different heat delivery yet the functions are the same.


PEAK&CAVE  This dripper first appeared at ‘Re-verse’ at World Coffee Leaders Forum. PEAK and CAVE is one set, which refers to the cradle and the dripper. CAVE, is a dripper designed like that of HARIO’s, the bottom corner is largely exposed in order to reduce gravity. It is not yet launched in our domestic market.


My Dutch Now, we do not have to worry about having cold-brew(dutch coffee) exposed to bacteria during its long brewing hours. Each equipment can be sealed, water container is a plastic bottle, filter is stainless, server is made of glass which makes the structure suitable for dutch coffee. If you check out their valves, you may notice that it is a self-customized valve which allows filter to hold the water before consistently dropping. Brewing speed is consistent and can be stored in a sealed container right away after brewing. Stainless filter is compatible with aeropress as well.



Acme&co Mugs for specialty coffee that came all the way from New Zealand! This brand is well known but it was our first time to see them closely. Acme’s cups are all lined up for different menus, from espresso to its function as a cupping cup. What makes Acme special is its color and modern design. Nowadays, cups and tableware products are playing a key role in identifying café brands.



Purity Finest Series Purity Finest Filter launched by Britta ‘makes coffee taste better’. Their means of ion exchange resin filter using hydrogen has upgraded to Sodium-ion-exchange-resin sort. Sodium is not the salty tasting element we know of, it is pure mineral. At their booth, they have also prepared to demonstrate the taste of water filtered from normal filter, hydrogen filter and sodium filter. If you wish to change the taste of your coffee, try this!

IMG_9955 EAZYTAMP E&R, known as a distributor of Rancilio, displayed Rancilio made tampers. By just holding the handle tight, you can tamp horizontally. This tamper can demonstrate the power of 15kg! Won’t this become a great tool for women baristas?

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