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Membership Café in New York?


Coffee is always a ‘Must-have’ daily stuff for people living in the city of New York. Likewise for most countries where people push themselves so hard to reach their goals.

If you are one of those hard-workers contributing enough to world economy and nation, this café we are about to introduce may interest you. By just spending $25 a month, you are able to order and enjoy infinite amount of coffee here at ‘Fair Folks&a Goat’, located in New York city.


‘Fair Folks&a Goat’ is a membership café currently co-managed with a general clothing retail store. It is located in Greenwich village and East village located in New York City. Members are able to enjoy menus including drip-coffee, espresso, latte and lemonade as much as they want, by paying $25 a month.


Customers with memberships will receive a 10% discount when purchasing their products and will also receive an exclusive invitation to their hosted events.

Apart from their membership service, this café is also known to be consisted of passionate employees. Not a single menu list is openly shown, because the employees give further explanation to what you are going to have. Due to this unique system, number of members are continuously increasing since its opening. There are about 1,000 customers registered as members and their partial subscription fee is donated to social communities.


However, ‘Fair Folks&a Goat’ is not the first coffee shop that ever offered such kind of membership service. An application called, ‘CUPS’ allows you to enjoy coffee anywhere in New York by pre-ordering and paying for the beverage you wish to have. The service is categorized into 2 plans, such as ‘The Basic’ and ‘All Drinkers’. ‘The Basic’ is for people that wish to enjoy only brewing, drip coffee and tea while ‘All Drinkers’ is for people who wish to have drinks of any kind. ‘The Basic’ costs $90 while ‘All Drinkers’ costs $120. For further details of its price, check their website:


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