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‘Handpresso’s Wild Hybrid’, the handheld espresso maker


When I learned about Handpresso’s Wild Hybrid — an affordable handheld espresso maker that promises a quality blend — I was interested to give it a try.

Unlike most espresso makers on the market, the Wild Hybrid arrives pre-assembled and with easy-to-follow instructions. There’s nothing mind-boggling about the directions, but it is important to follow each step carefully. Simply forgetting to press down the infusion button before using the manual pump, for example, can result in a mini espresso explosion all over your counter.

In order to make an espresso drink — whether you’re using a fancy latte machine or the Wild Hybrid — hot water needs to push through the espresso maker at a high pressure. The unit of measurement for the pressure is called bar. Most automatic machines can jump up to 16 bar with a simple press of a button, but this compact option requires you to use the manual pump to increase the pressure. Although it’s an easy feat for anyone with upper body strength, I found the process a bit challenging after a few pumps. If you aren’t deterred by the necessary manual labor, though, and I wasn’t, this option has its perks.


Under a foot in length, the espresso maker is compact enough to stow away in a drawer when not in use, so it’s great if your kitchen is already short on space or you want to pack it for an upcoming trip.

If Amazon is your most convenient online-shopping experience, you can find the Wild Hybrid there, but if you’re willing to go through the trouble of putting your credit card number into a new site, the best deal is available at Huckberry, where, for a limited time, you can get the espresso maker for $80.

Source: “This hand-held espresso is great choice for anyone who has a small kitchen ” – Business Insider

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