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Farm X Barista, Synchronize Ⅱ



Flavor Standard : Coffee Flavor Map T 100

The second “Farm X Barista, Synchronize” Campaign by Coffee TV and SCENTONE on the coffee flavor was held on August 22&24 at a college and AG Coffee Lab in Korea.

This assessment was also carried out with sensory professional panels and consumers together for empathy with them.

The coffees used in this evaluation program are
1)Second Coffee / Korea
2)Fuglen Coffee / Japan
3)Coffee Temple / Korea

#1 Second Coffee / Korea


With the fragrance of dark cocoa, this coffee has profound surpassing bright acidity The softness of almonds and sugar are mixed in the mouth, leaving a heavy &y deep aftertastes through dark roasting. Following, the nuances of the various spices such as pepper and cloves are added, to complete the addictive coffee

#2 Fuglen Coffee / Japan


The coffee is fresh and bright and have a acidic citrus scent of lemon, grapefruit and flowers such as jasmine. The aroma reminiscent of tropical fruit like passion fruit, guava is adds to the splendid coffee.

#3 Coffee Temple / Korea


Light acidity felt from top notes makes me expect a grapefruit and lime Following, the sweetness of the chocolate, brown sugar and nuts is felt. In addition, this coffee is well balanced with soft but solid body like caramel for everyone to enjoy comfortably.



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