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SCENTONE and COFFEE TV jointly organized the fourth global sensory evaluation of coffee flavor on Monday, October 31.

A coffee montage (Korea, Seoul), AG coffee (Korea, Ulsan) and Caswell’s coffee (Indonesia, Jakarta) were analyzed and both professional panel and general panel joined together to create professionalism and empathy with consumers.

A total of 30 panelists participated and the evaluation method was the same as before and the results of the evaluation made through the blind repeated evaluation are disclosed. Panelist(27 from Korea, 3 from Taiwan)


Flavor Standard : Coffee Flavor Map T 100

# Coffee Montage (Korea, Seoul)

The exquisite meeting between Latin America and Africa is outstanding. I had a relatively high preference by extracting the blending coffee which was hard and heavy. The acidity of Costa Rica and Ethiopian beans and the unique sweetness of Colombian coffee blend harmoniously and show a variety of charms.


# AG coffee (Korea, Ulsan)

Kenya, it is felt everywhere that I tried to show the best flavor and taste that coffee can offer. At the moment of drinking coffee, the aroma of chrysanthemum stimulates the nose, and the sweet caramel and maple syrup produced through meticulous roasting shows the characteristics of the balance of Kenya specialty coffee, balanced with citrus acidic taste.


# Caswell’s coffee (Indonesia, Jakarta)

It shows the typical Indonesian coffee aroma that is common in Korea. At first glance, if you take only coffee aroma, it is supposed to be regarded as strongly roasted coffee but when you drink a sip, you feel unexpected acidity intensely. Let’s dive into the charm of Indonesian coffee’s unique spice and roasted coffee.


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